Major Achievements

  • 3200 women have been organized into Self Help Groups and then enabled to lead better livelihoods. The women provided basic business, saving and loan, leadership, parenting, family planning, gender, sanitation and hygiene trainings along with start-up capital. The projects were funded by Project Concern International, African Women Development Fund
  • DFT established Women Information Center at Debre Birhan town and then women are accessible to information and enabled them to make informed decision on violence against women issues. Ipas Ethiopia and Global Fund for Women have funded this program
  • 600 poor and vulnerable women in Yeka sub-city of Addis Ababa are organized into 30 Self Help Groups (SHG) and supported in functional adult literacy, skill training (basic business, saving and credit, parenting, sanitation and hygiene) and income generation dvv International funded this program through Integrated Women Empowerment Program (IWEP)
  • Established 20 girls clubs in Kimbibit Wereda provide training for club leader on life skill, leadership to empower girls to fight violence against girls in and out of school compounds. The project is supported by American Embassy in Ethiopia.
  • 500 young women dropped out from grade 10, exposed to HIV are provided with technical and vocational skills training (mobile maintenance, hairdressing, Bajaj maintenance, food preparation, basic business skills, leadership, life skill, parenting and gender), provided loan and established their own income generation schemes. Foundation Against AIDS, Union of Ethiopian Women Associations and Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) funded this program.

DFT supported  9329 Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC) in six Woredas of East Gojjam Zone, Amhara National Regional State in partnership with Pact/USAID. The support includes education, health, psychosocial, food and nutrition, legal protection, shelter and care, and referral linkages. Child Support Index, Life skill, Parenting skill, Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning Skill, Income Generation Skills and Gardening skills trainings were conducted for 10 community facilitators and 373 volunteers. They cascade the training for 9329 highly vulnerable children and their parents/guardians. Starting from March 2013, DFT has signed a project agreement for three years to serve the HVC, and secured around 17 million birr budget for the execution of this program.       

  • Primary school constructed, fully furnished and 600 children have access to education with support from Japan Embassy.
  • Constructed School Library and staff room (including furnishing, books and computers with printer) at Saria Kebele. The project is funded by LUCIA Charity.
  • Along with training on sanitation and clean food preparation, DFT constructed 17 rainwater harvesting schemes for 34 households in Metkoria Kebele in North Shoa Zone and then 34 households are accessible to safe drinking water and sanitation supported by the Rain Foundation fund.
  • Community library is constructed and fully furnished with equipment, computer and internet facilities in Wonchi Woreda Darian town of Southwest Shoa Zone Oromia Region funded by The Blue Lupin Foundation
  • School libraries are under construction in Yeka Primary School and Nas School of Addis Ababa Administration and North Shoa Zone respectively.
  • DFT constructed borehole water point in Saria Kebele in North Shoa Zone and then a total of about 500 households are accessible to safe drinking water by the Japan Embassy fund.

As a result of the implementation of the project:

  • 5961 women and adolescents in Yeka sub-city aware on Family Planning and abortion and decided to use contraceptive methods. About 70,000 people were reached through HIV prevention program. Ipas Ethiopia and Engenderhealth funded the project
  • 620 orphan and vulnerable children received quality care funded by The Stephen Lewis Foundation.
  • 450 grandmothers in Debre Sina town supported with food, sanitary materials and income generation activities. Basic Business, Parenting, Sanitation and Hygiene skills trainings are also provided for grandmothers. The Stephen Lewis Foundation funded the program.
  • 50 home-based caregivers trained and then they provided palliative care for 500 PLWHA
  • 752 women living with HIV/AIDS, guardians of orphan children, grandmothers and young women most at risk to the HIV are economically self-reliant and lead better livelihoods.

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